We sell online-only, for delivery-only.

Why does that matter?

The restaurant experience of the past was designed for dine-in customers, whether in a mall or a standalone location. Menus, margins, and pricing were built around high-cost and high-margin operations, with more risk and physical limitations of restaurant size.

The wind has shifted and ordering in is taking over. Even before COVID-19, food delivery in the Philippines was rapidly booming with the help of major players like GrabFood. Still, most brands in 2020 are not optimized for the best delivery dining experience.


Save money, stay ahead of the curve.

It's time to innovate your business and start selling online with Kraver's Canteen. When you sell with us, you'll:

  1. Save on upfront costs. Skip the expansion loans needed to start your offline business. Operate in the cloud instead.
  2. Save on recurring costs. Stop paying for empty seats and lost rent. Work efficiently and optimize your workforce.
  3. Grow faster. Reach more customers quicker and smarter, using leveraging delivery networks.
  4. Focus on your food. Spend less time worrying about back office work, and more time developing your recipes and cooking skills.

Get in touch today at partnerships@kravers-canteen.com to find out more.