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What are cloud kitchens?

cloud kitchens are commercial kitchens that serve food, but for delivery & take-out only. 

"cloud kitchens do not aim to replace the dine-in or restaurant experience; rather it is a growth tool for F&B brands to expand & reach more customers, cheaper & faster" - Victor Lim, co-founder

expand online faster

get plugged into our cloud kitchen network and reach more customers online quickly

build kitchens cheaper

reduce costs across the board by cutting non-operational expenses

experiment more, risk less

test new products & brands online, lean into successes and cut losses quickly

So where does Kraver's come into play?

we help F&B brands get online by offering the most relevant services,
customized for each brand's reality

cloud kitchen facilities

plug-and-play facilities, optimized for minimal costs

manpower operations

utilize capacity that grows with your brand

photography & design

access photo studio & content team for brand support

logistics & fulfillment

access channel, payments, and logistics solutions

supply chain

get better terms and prices with suppliers in bulk

brand consulting

product R&D, marketing strategies, brand support

so whats the bottom line?

cloud kitchens mean something different for every F&B brand, but with less barriers and costs to get live, every brand can benefit from testing new markets, products & concepts faster than ever.

... and what do our partners think?

joe devance

co-owner of El Nacho Libre

"Working with Kraver's has been delightful. Their team is always very professional, on time and great to work with... My wife and I are pleased and will continue to work with them in the future."

Joe DevancePBA Legend & 11x MVP
Ginebra San Miguel

century Pacific


"Their agile attitude towards delivering customer satisfaction, for both consumers and business partners, allows us to quickly experiment and adjust, making our offerings always new and fresh." 

Carlo Endaya
Marketing Director
Century Pacific Food

Tonkatsu Maisen


“This is our first venture with the cloud kitchen concept and I am very positive that we can now reach untapped markets in more areas in search of quality and authentic Japanese food.”

Erwin LeeGeneral Manager
BV Cuisine (Bench Food Group)

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