Kraver's Canteen (Media)

Kraver’s is the newest cloud kitchen startup serving crowd favorite foods for delivery while also enabling brands and food entrepreneurs to sell their products through Metro Manila.

  • Cloud kitchens also known as ‘ghost kitchens’ or ‘virtual kitchens’ operate purely in the cloud with no physical storefront or dine-in space. Under this cost effective model, Kraver’s allows multiple brands to operate smaller kitchens that are optimized for the delivery experience under one roof.
  • With less costs to go live, brands spend less and pass the savings to customers, allowing for a more complete and diverse ordering experience through platforms like Grabfood and foodpanda.
  • Concept was pupularized by Uber’s Ex-CEO Travis Kalanick, after launching US-based CloudKitchens in 2019 with over US$400 million in funding.
  • Grab launched a similar type of cloud kitchen in Glorietta in 2019 called Grab Kitchens.
  • Jollibee already operates using the cloud kitchen model in the UAE and in the US, and most recently in Singapore.

Currently, we have 3 business verticals:

  1. Kraver’s Canteen - Private label brands with crowd favorites like Burger Jack and Kyoto Sushi Bake. Coming soon: Tex Mex brand line co-created with PBA star Joe Devance.
  2. Kraver’s Kitchens - Flexible kitchen solutions to existing brands, from offering physical space to manpower solutions and beyond.
  3. Kraver’s Mart - Curated e-grocery with products like Tiger Sugar’s Boba Ice Cream Bars, Indonesian sambal from Albert Kurniawan, gourmet sausages and deli cuts, handmade Lechon Kawali chips, and a wide assortment of Korean favorites.