Keepers: a Gastropub with Asian Tapas & a Unique NFT Angle You Need to Know About - Kraver's Canteen

Keepers: a Gastropub with Asian Tapas & a Unique NFT Angle You Need to Know About

Poblacion welcomes a brand new restaurant, Keepers: where food, culture, and tech intersect

Meet Keepers: a unique gastropub developed by Commonwealth Labs (a Web3 startup co-founded by Gabie Tanjutco and Joshua Co, with Kaya Founders) in partnership with Kraver’s Canteen (co-founded by Eric Thomas Dee and Victor Lim). The establishment, located in the heart of the bustling nightlife district of Poblacion, is cloud kitchen Kraver’s Canteen’s first entry into a brick-and-mortar restaurant space, and Commonwealth Labs’ freshman venture into the F&B world too.

The two-storey resto-bar’s dark wooden and concrete interiors, gold table lamps, plus dim mood lighting make it an ideal place for an after-work tipple, or dinner with friends. Here, the worlds of food, drink, and tech collide, where vivid discussions can quickly bubble up over shared interests and new connections.

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“We’re always looking for ways to bridge gaps, whether between industries or between people,” says Paulo Campos, managing partner of Kaya. “With Keepers, we hope to invite more people into the diverse Poblacion community and enrich what is already there.”

At Keepers, you’ll find a menu that is filled with bold, sophisticated, and elevated dishes with Asian flavours created by Eric Thomas Dee of FooDee Global Concepts. Tech firm Commonwealth, a start-up that mainly deals with matters of the metaverse, has connected with Dee to ensure that Keepers serves only the best. In fact, Dee shares that he was giddy when creating the menu for the establishment. “I could really let my imagination go and have a lot of fun with the dishes and concept,” he divulged. Since the restaurant is not meant to scale to multiple branches and is for a more niche market, Dee excitedly crafted a more upscale, refined, and whimsical Asian tapas menu packed with his favourite items.

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From crispy rice with hamachi, to miso-glazed salmon belly topped with ikura, crispy smelt fish, kimchi rice with bone marrow, to short-rib spicy kalbi stew, and nori rice­–you will surely want to keep coming back for more.

With regards to their beverage program, you can expect to see quality tipples created by Lee Watson, Marco Viray and Jason Soong (the team behind Kampai, The Spirits Library, and Gugu Room in New York City). “Keepers is shaking things up, adding a different dimension to Poblacion,” Lee comments. “We’re excited to work with the team in capturing the essence of Keepers into the growing nightlife scene.”

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What makes this concept even more intriguing is that Keepers is selling digital memberships via NFTs that will let owners to enjoy unique privileges. This is the first digital membership maintained on the blockchain in the Philippines! Token owners can even get the chance to vote on what new menus will include, plus discounts and rebates too. With your NFT, you can also get priority with regard to reservations and usage of the space. “Think of it as a ‘next-level’ loyalty program”, explains Tanjutco, “it’s not just about getting a discount or punch card. Holders of the Keepers NFT are effectively treated like owners, accessing special events, NFT galleries, networking events, and even participating in community-based decision-making for Keepers.”

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Keepers is gearing up to welcome foodies come nightfall from Thursdays to Sundays, but on all other days of the week, you can visit this gastropub and indulge in Kraver’s Canteen’s many offerings. They will even host pop-up experiences for their cloud brands and plans to introduce various activities coming from Kraver’s Test Studio where diners can try new experiences.

“By launching Kraver’s Makati together with Keepers, we are able to capture the best of both the online and offline market, creating better experiences and reaching more customers,” explains Dee.

So what’s keeping you? Head on over, the gastropub opens this September 21.



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September 20, 2022