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Enter the Kra-Verse Food Hall

Welcome to Kraver's highly immersive meta-verse experience, where foodies can expect new ways to enjoy food deliveries with its high-tech virtual food hall.

After two years of staying home and relying on food deliveries to satisfy our cravings, most of us are just about ready for something new — something that goes beyond the usual delivery apps and basic take-out food containers.

As restaurants closed their doors to dine-in customers, Kraver's knew it needed to accelerate the development of a business model that could thrive during lockdowns and the foreseeable new norm. Founders, Eric Dee, Victor Lim, and Victor Mapua, created a way to turn a disastrous setback into a unique growth opportunity.

The trio founded Kraver's Canteen in January 2020, just a few months before the world's longest lockdown started. It quickly became one of the first and most successful cloud kitchen businesses in the Philippines that houses several popular brands under one digital roof.

A successful seed funding round and a couple of years later, they're ready to launch the next phase: The Kra-Verse Food Hall.

The new culinary metaverse

Together with their partners, Christopher Po of Century Pacific and Shakey's; Lance Gokongwei of the Robinsons Group and CebuPacific; George Pua of Rico's Lechon; Brian Cu of Grab; and Paulo Campos of Zalora, the founders of Kraver's are once again disrupting the food delivery scene. After two years of painstaking development, they're now ready to bring the entire dine-out experience to a whole new level and bring new value to food delivery via the world's very first interactive virtual food hall.

"We thought of one line that would sum up everything we wanted to do with Kra-Verse Food Hall. I said, let's add thoughtfulness," co-founder Eric Dee, shared.

"Today, some consumers are getting the short end of the stick because everything is delivered for the same, if not higher, amount, but they don't get to enjoy the ambience and service from a restaurant. We want to bring more value to every order."

Being a veteran of the F&B industry (also as the COO of Foodee Global Concepts), Dee definitely knows how to delight diners at the restaurant. However, with deliveries being the new lifeblood of food businesses during this pandemic, he knew that F&B players needed to level up their delivery game and stand out. It's sincere thoughtfulness that will set the great ones apart: being thoughtful in product offers, services, and most especially packaging. It's the superior value proposition that has converted into Kraver's competitive advantage.

Standout one box at a time

Kra-Verse Food Hall is where the Kraver's Group is launching six new brands of food. The team sourced top-of-the-line packaging materials with special self-heating packets and designed the most thoughtful way "to physicalize the cloud kitchen" to add more value to the whole experience.

According to Dee, the beauty of having an online virtual food hall is, without exaggerating, in the infinite possibilities. They could have an infinite number of online restaurants to satisfy every craving consumers could ever have and ride every food trend that comes along. With their network of 10 kitchens in Metro Manila, and counting, the Kra-Verse Food Hall could serve as the most cost effective incubator space that will enable brands to go online and test new market areas.

"We are brand builders," said co-founder Victor Lim. "We believe in our brands and it's about building loyal customers for each brand."

Kra-Verse Food Hall is going to introduce six new brands including a much-awaited US franchise to the Philippines — CharSilog, a new age silog served in stackable containers designed for ease of transport and consumption; Krave, which has seasonal offers based on current food trends; I Love U Stew, a Korean joint that only serves one perfect thing in two variations, Galbi Jim and Spicy Galbi Jjim; Jok Time Lugaw, where comedy and timeless comfort food meet; Gravy'd is perfect for diners who miss the unmistakable sizzle and smoke from a food court; and D. Wade Burgers of NBA legend Dwyane Wade.

For more information about Kra-Verse Food Hall, visit www.kra-verse.com and follow @kraversefoodhall on Instagram!


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